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Google'sAI updates- Bard, revamped search results page & more
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Google’s AI Updates: Bard, Revamped Search Results Page & more

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We see Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and other tech giants rolling out many AI functionalities this year. Not only are our daily lives affected by this, but also (online) marketing activities are becoming different. On May 10, the Google I/O event took place where Google again presented new features and products. In this article, we list the highlights. One thing was quickly apparent – AI is trending!

1. Generative AI

Google has stated for years that its mission is to organize all the information in the world and make it universally accessible and usable. Google is there to give the user a good and reliable answer as efficiently and quickly as possible. And this is evident with the latest update to the search results page (SERP). Through generative AI, we can expect that Google will answer your search engine query directly with important information. Below that, there will also be some links to websites where you can find more information on the topic. Because the answers are already provided directly in the SERP, you are less likely to have to click through on a search result that leads to a website.

In addition, at the bottom of the generative AI snapshot, Google shows a button with the option to ask a follow-up question. This row also shows other frequently asked questions. If you click on this option, you will immediately enter a new “conversation mode,” where you can chat with Google.

Another feature within generative AI has to do with online shopping. Google will also help you make a decision faster during your online buying process. Say you are looking for a product, you can ask a question such as “what is the best bike for a 10-mile ride?”. Google will then give you advice through its generative AI snapshot. Linked to that, the system will also show Shopping ads with different options for bikes. That way, Google will answer your question in one fell swoop and you can order quickly.

Watch this video to see generative AI in search in action:

2. Bard

In recent months, we have been learning more and more about Bard. The tool is a direct response to OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT tool. The big difference so far seems to be that Bard is much more businesslike and gives purely informative answers to your question, while ChatGPT can write more fun texts. The advantage with Bard is that the source is mentioned. ChatGPT does not do that yet.

During the Google I/O event it was announced that Bard is being widely rolled out and will soon be available in English in 180+ countries. By the way, Bard has already been rolled out in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Bard is also getting an update and will become more visual through a future integration with Google Lens. That means you can ask your question with images and also that Bard can answer with images.

3. AI integrations in Google’s products

In addition to the big changes in search, Google also shows off great updates to its products during events like these. After all, these are also getting smarter with AI. Some cool features you’ll see by are:

“Help me write” feature of Gmail.

With this feature, AI can write an entire email for you! All you have to do is roughly state what you want to say in the email (the details). Google will continue typing the email with the context of previous email traffic.

Immersive view for routes in Google Maps

View your entire route before you travel. Whether you need to walk, bike or drive – you can already fully explore your route so you have a better idea of what to expect along the way.

Magic Eraser for Google Photos

With the magic eraser, you can edit your photos much more easily and professionally. For example, you can move objects around, adjust the sky and much more. This way you don’t always have to take the perfect photo in 1 shot.

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