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Benefits of Blogs and Articles on Your Website
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Benefits of Blogs and Articles on Your Website

Keeping a blog on your website is very useful and offers several benefits for attracting visitors to your website. Are you curious why? Then please read further.

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A blog on your website offers several advantages

If you don’t consider yourself a copywriter by nature, publishing blogs may put you off a bit. But by regularly posting blogs and articles with relevant topics about your services, you can not only arouse the interest of potential customers, but also Google. Google will rate your website better when you post a lot of different, good and relevant content about the services of your company.

Build trust

Blogs and articles with useful content show your target group and (potential) customers that you are a trusted source. By writing posts about topics they find interesting and useful, you show that your company or organization is more than just a company that offers a service or product; it shows them that you care about spreading useful information in the industry. For websites that use a blog, 55% of users read 3 to 5 articles before taking action. This shows that giving value in this way helps to build trust and increase conversion.

Attract new traffic

Working with blogs and articles on your website is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase SEO. The bigger, more extensive and more detailed the blog, the better it will be rated by the search engines. In addition, you can use a blog to create new content that encourages the public to share with their connections. Research shows that companies that blog get 95% more links to their website from other online sources.

Visitors do not automatically return to your blog

But uploading a blog on your website is not enough. An average visitor does not check your website every day. You must then promote these blogs via your social media channels. In your blogs you can refer to your services or a specific offer, this is the start of a good customer journey.

Social media

Have you ever struggled to find something to post on your company’s or organization’s social media channels? If you have a blog, you not only have great content to post, but also content that brings people back to your website. Social media is a great outlet to push your website’s blog content to a targeted audience, which can increase brand awareness and presence. Plus, you can post the blog content multiple times, highlighting different aspects of the post each time, and then link to the full article.

Email marketing

If your company has a newsletter or runs regular email promotions, you can use your blog as valuable and additional content for this. Make room for a featured blog or article. This strengthens your audience’s attention and trust in your company. Second, a blog or article also encourages new readers to subscribe. You often see newsletter signup fields on blogs. This way you can expand your mailing list with people who are interested in your topics and would like to be kept informed.

Why is all that necessary?

You may wonder why it is so important to regularly provide your website with interesting and good content. This was hardly necessary in the early days of the search engines! But keep in mind that the competition was much less back then. You could easily score on a small description with some simple keywords. Nowadays that is no longer possible.

Search engines

In addition, the search engines have also become smarter. They don’t just rank your content based on texts and codes. The added value that the article offers the reader is perhaps even more important.

In short, make sure your content stays up to date. It doesn’t have to be very difficult and time consuming. If necessary, get information from a professional. Don’t feel like actually writing a new blog? Make sure your website is measurable . I always tell my clients that the right content is better than an abundance of content.

Do you need help with writing a good blog for your website?

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